Jason Taylor


Depending on who you ask, Jayson Taylor is the name associated with either the main developer of Skinseed in a company, or the only individual working on the app. He is often associated with Africa Sunrise and presumed to be the owner. regardless, Jason is the creator of Skinseed and apps surrounding it. The Community's perception of Jason is not so great, as many blame him for various problems with the app, as the only known and confirmed developer. Jason is also criticised for his flawed moderation system, and lack of human moderators, allowing any sort of content onto the app, a lot of the time no matter how extreme, with individuals who break rules or cause problems in the community not being punished in any way, leading most of the moderation to be put into the hand of the people in the community, which is another issue. The moderation system has been known by some to be easily exploited for some people's benefit. For example, one or multiple users spam reporting another until their account is suspended, over drama between them, despite that user not breaking any rules. (see BlackHole) Many people believe that Jason created Skinseed as a cashgrab, due to the somewhat low quality and problems with the app, and the abundance of ads. Leading them to believe Jason doesn't care all that much about Skinseed or furthering it's development and has likely abandoned it. For a while, Jason was also believed to be dead by some, but that was recently disproven by a new update and community post. Some still hold out hope, seeing as Skinseed is still occasionally updated with bug fixes even to this day, showing at least some involvement and attention from Jason. As well as the fact that Skinseed has undergone entire redesigns in it's earlier stages, showing at the very least that some effort was put in, at least at one point, as well as entire other apps associated with Skinseed, including Skinseed messenger which is intended to add more to the community. Jason is also known by many to either not receive or acknowledge feedback from users, or just not respond to it. It tends to be incredibly rare for a Skinseed user to say they've received anything back when emailing the support team for Skinseed, and whenever someone has, they haven't been able to provide receipts proving it, also leading to the negative perception of Jason and the supposed Skinseed team. "Jason Taylor" may also be a fake identity, as many users have searched for people by that name associated with the location provided as skinseed's office/headquarters, or in relation to skinseed in general, but found no leads proving the identity is real. Though this could also be because "Jason Taylor" is such a common name, making it harder to find a specific person by that name. As far as we know currently, the apps on the Africa Sunrise website are the only apps developed by Jason Taylor, making it more likely that skinseed is still his main project as a developer.

On April 20th, 2022, Jason issued the moderation update which made many users even more upset with him and his way of "developing" the app, resulting in a ton of backlash.

It has been a common theory that Jason frequents skinseed himself, and is secretly an active known user, and some believe he's actually a troll.

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