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Since first downloading the app in 2018 for fun and games, Vikesh has been upgrading his talent of messing around with pixels. Vikesh joined the community in 2020, under the name funtimeandfriends, later changing to funtime_funfox. A few months later, he changed his name to soundbite, and was represented with a furry raptor character. He was highly active during the furry war, and caught the attention of a user called Kitwits, starting a new section of the war referred to with the hashtag, #kitwitsoundbitewar which went on for four days. Similar to the rest of the furry war, this consisted of taking a character, usually a pixel art, from the opposing side and making it gory or scribbling on it. Usually these would have a caption saying something along the lines of "killed the furry!" Once this ended, Vikesh moved to soundbite_yt_2 and _soundbiteyt. He then joined the pokefurry community under the name luckythepikachu for a day before changing it to fadetheeevee, an eevee that had a grey, faded away side. He began shitposting on this account, before changing his name again to fadetheflareon, to represent his pokemon character evolving. It would evolve again to then fadetheflamethrow, going off his own fanmade extended evolution chart, and then to fadethecharcoal. He later got into helluva boss and hazbin hotel, making fade into a goat demon, and the fading part of the design was scrapped, and his content reflected his newer interests. He had some sort of I.M.P. roleplay, with two users called effimatefellow, who played as angel dust, and maybe moxxie, and zick dust (was millie, then alastor, then zick). Vikesh did some pfps for people using messenger, back when that was a thing, and he got doxxed trying to do a pfp once because the person was afraid he would hack him. The guy ended up getting suspended and wasn't seen again. Around this time, Vikesh got into some drama with imPikachuYT.
He made an alt called scartheespeon to troll saratheespeon. Vikesh got into a warrior cats phase, an was active on crazed_star2 where he did some shitposts. He decided to quit for a while, and came back 3 months later, and realized his google account was about to be terminated for being underage, which his skinseed account, soundbite_yt was connected to, so he needed in order to login. His old terminated google account had a gacha and animation youtube channel with his first ever animations of mostly soundbite that are now lost media. He made one last post on it, and made a memorial poem on crazed star 2. He quit again, and came back around 3 months later on a brand new account called crazycommandcat, which would become one of his most memorable and well known accounts to date. The skins on crazycommandcat were pixel arts of his roblox avatar, aggressivesprite. He made a new email with a brand new youtube channel. The channel was named crazycommandcat, after his skinseed account, where he uploaded gacha content and animations, but his parents found it so he had to get parental controls on the account, and he wasn't happy about it. The youtube channel still stood for months afterward with some videos left. The only preserved version is in a 2022 new years video on his main channel. He made a new personal email to make another youtube channel called agressivesprite, which is now VikeshCreationz and is still active currently.

He started posting on the skinseed account, crazycommandcat in 2022 or late 2021. He made some alts, based off his friday night funkin mid fight masses mod obsession, Zavodila and Casavona. Casavona was a LuckyThePikachu remake, but was renamed. Zavodila had skins under #FadesActualskins, a tag he made back when he went by Fade. He had other alts for fun too, like ohr (only hope remains), gedeon, pleasesuspendme, and, his new current account, Vikesh, which he is now known by the most. At some point, during this time, he got suspended, wiped, and ip banned, for seemingly no reason. He uploaded two youtube videos about it. ( Video 1 , Video 2 )
The square headed character in the video represents his account, pleasesuspendme.    
He the returned on his new account, Vikesh. He had a new persona, a black white eyed round headed character like the ones in those animations. The earliest post he can remember on there was about him being skinseed president. The oldest skin on it now is a post about when he got a new cat, Lucy (now Lester) in November of 2021. He eventually switched characters to a furred raptor with blue fur and a pink and white face, which would become iconic in the skinseed community. He identified as a demigirl and an ace lesbian at the time, and then sometimes people referred to him with he/him, which he didn't mind and got used to, later changing his pronouns to that around his birthday (Jan 20th) in 2022, and now officially identified as an aroace boy.

In march, Vikesh was in a bad mood. He became what he now considers to be a bigot, getting into some drama with the user joeythedisaster. Most of the posts he made at the time were indirectly targeted at a certain indivdiual that related to his personal struggles outside of skinseed, and were sort of vent posts. About a month or 2 later, He was feeling better, and renounced. He was really into the new arc of warrior cats, the broken code, and he was a huge fan of the main villian, ashfur. He created the concepts of ashfursexual, ashfurgender, and solgender and used them for trolling and shitposting, leading to his new account, Solgender. The pixel art he used on the account was a character named sol from warriors. He did descriptions of himself using neopronouns he made, ash/fur. The post is still up just changed to he/him. He made ashfursexual pride posts on vikesh or OGvikesh, the second vikesh account. The username was supposed to belong to the first but it got swapped around often due to the original vikesh being suspended. Vikesh and OGvikesh got suspended, and he moved to Solgender. Which eventually became dogkin and his now his current main account.

Ashfursexual posts


Vikesh's fursona, Onyx

Fun Facts:

  • Vikesh is west virginian
  • He's currently learning Norwegian
  • Vikesh is an artist
  • His favorite social is tumblr
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