Skin Maker

Popuri is a popular skin maker, previously known as Cali_x. She has many accounts, but the most known are HippieChick, Adorah, Whoreoscopes, Fashion_Nova, apriis, and Pandoras. CokeCan also used to be a pretty popular one, but is now just a namesaver with a default profile picture.

Her account, @Fashion_Nova is known for clothing bases, while her full skins are found on Popuri and Whoreoscopes.

Her skins are well known for being photo realistic, with a unique art style gaining her a large following over the years, though the style has gotten some criticism, with some people thinking it looks uncanny. Aside from that, very many people enjoy her skins, and use them for their own works, her skin bases and clothing bases being especially popular. Her skins are also often the target of many skin theifs, while some are reposted with credit and sometimes edited.

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