Moderation Update


On April 20th, 2022 Skinseed's developer, Jason Taylor released an update meant for moderating the app to get rid of spam and inappropriate content. In order to achieve this, he implemented a system in which nobody was able to post anything without having it "reviewed" first by Jason Taylor himself or (supposedly) a team of moderators he claimed to have hired. After the update, everyone had to wait hours or even days to post anything, and some couldn't even post at all. The update also caused a bug preventing several users from even commenting (bopped). Jason or "the mods" have also been said to suspend/wipe random people's accounts for seemingly no reason. Because of this, many users have already gotten fed up and abandoned the app, even users who have been around for years. Many have determined this to be the end of skinseed for good, possibly leading to the app falling more into obscurity with no more users left.

Jason Taylor's statement regaurding the update

Examples of the community's overall reaction to the update

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