Skin Stealer

Dan_The_Man is a controversial user, with drama surrounding him from 2019-2021. He garnered tons of hate for being believed to bot his likes to reach the popular page, and most importantly, for stealing skins from other creators without crediting them. It was first noticed that his skin, "The Mandelorian" was stolen from a user named BabyCreed, and another skin of his stolen by a user named Harajuku. The most infamous skin he was known for having stolen, however, was his skin titled "Cosmic Creeper XXI", from a user known as Campman_, who he later had consistant drama with, though mostly coming from Campman, as Dan himself was rarely seen commenting about the drama, and has never made any posts responding to it. It was also said that he blocked several users who brought it up on his posts. The tags "#BanDan" and "#DownWithDan" were popular in the community for a long while.

His theft can also date back to before the drama, with his skin, "Gold Standard" being stolen by a user named CoolDerp345. As well as "Master Cheif" from Superboy_4489, and "Scorpion" from WadeWilson. A strange thing to note about the controversy, is that for many of his cosmic creeper skins, the skin itself wasn't actually stolen, but rather the textures he used to make the skins was used from other creators, while the rest of the skin was seemingly made by him. Examples for this would include a texture he got from a hair base made by WidowTrap, in which he used the design of the hair to make a full body skin of a creeper. The same applies to a pixel art by CampMan_, who as previously mentioned, was very vocal about the supposed theft, having about nine posts all ranting about him or exposing him, as well as breifly mentioning him in several others. To some people, this would no longer be considered theft, since he made his own thing using the textures, rather than ripping off the skin completely, but people still took issue with it, due to him not properly crediting the users he borrowed the textures from.

Fun Facts:

  • Some believe Dan and CampMan_ to have secretly been the same person
  • Some people believe KawaiiPixels to have been Dan
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