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Audie, @MeltyAudie51 is a user who makes mostly pixel arts and original characters, typically being different variations of his main persona. Another current known account of his is MoltenAudie depicting one of these variations.

The currently known variations of Audie's persona are:

  • Audie (original)
  • Molten Audie
  • New Audie (Unnamed)
  • Rec room Audie
  • Roblox Audie
  • Audversion
  • Among us Audie
  • All Audie variations together, drawn by Audie

    Audie has a youtube channel called "The Audie Channel" where he posts animations involving his characters, though it hasn't been updated in a while. He also had planned an animated show involving some of his characters called Audsworld, but it hasn't been getting much development lately, and was possibly dropped. Audie has gotten himself into some controversy in the Skinseed community on an older, and currently retired account of his known as Audie51, resulting in the hashtag #cancelAudie.

    This drama mostly began with a few heated moments between Audie and his friends at the time, that then spiralled into several unrelated people on skinseed posting about him and ranting about him. The main points in relation to the drama usually had to do with him being toxic, homophobic, or simply having a short temper resulting in some strong language towards others in arguments.

    Audie's comment that sparked some of the drama

    One belief being spread was that he manipulated people into being his friend, and then would start drama with them intentionally. This was all denied by Audie himself, who claimed he was just trying to make friends with people, and things ended up going badly for him, resulting in arguments and drama. People also got upset with Audie blocking them after commenting about the controversy, possibly in an attempt to distance himself from the drama. Another big thing that came up often in #CancellAudie posts was him faking suicide or just making a sad post about leaving skinseed after getting backlash, only to return shortly after, which he would do somewhat often.

    The drama eventually died out and was mostly forgotten about, currently Audie seems to have changed for the better and nobody else has been seen complaining all that much about him, aside from a small rivalry of sorts between him and CallThePolice currently, which is far less serious than his past drama. Audie makes frequent posts insulting CallThePolice in some way, and CallThePolice has been seen doing the same thing back, as well as spamming skins telling other users to report one of Audie's accounts, whichever one he's on at the time usually.

    Fun facts:

  • During the #CancelAudie drama, Audie had a girlfriend named Elly, who was sometimes rumored to be him on a fake account, though that is not confirmed.
  • He currently has a boyfriend named Carson.
  • On Wednesday, March 16th, at around 6:54 AM Audie was hacked by someone who is presumably CallThePolice, but under the username Methhhew, who began posting to the account at exactly 6:58.
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